Monday, May 16, 2005

A gift, updates, and falling in love again

My Baby had wonderful news... it seems we had another gift sent by his uncle's family. He was pretending to be miffed, not getting presents for himself..but i know he's as tickled pink with what we got as I am.

Or maybe not. Ahihi... anyway, everybody, meet my new Christian Dior clutch (so sorry I didn't take a pic of it in a better angle)

So now, I'd have something new to take to weddings!!! Unfortunately, I cannot use it as my weding bag because I'm foreseeing a big pouch instead to contain all the necessities I anticipating needing.

Love the swarovski design... oh, you should hold it for you to really appreciate it :)


Booked THE COURTYARD last Friday. My Baby and I have also tackled the menu/wedding package offered by Barbara's.

One stipulation I intend to insist upon is inclusion of soup in the menu. For I know soup might be the only thing I can really ever eat that time.

And the cake has to be tres sinful, of course.

We have yet to accomplish a lot of tasks in our calendar...but we're both willing to just enjoy the coming weekend basking in the late summer's sun.


Was invited to attend YUMI's 2nd birthday last Saturday. We decided to bring Pyro along. First time we ever took him with us without someone else to really attend to him (my sister, cousin, etc). And of course, we were teased about how fast we were in producing a kid... or how intent we are on practicing for our future kids.

Pyro was his usual malikot self... and my future MIL wondered aloud if he can really march down that aisle. I assured her that Pyro is only an Honorary Best Man (not really a title with an actual role)... and that we will not be trusting him with pillows (with our rings on it) because he likes sucking on pillow corners. (come to think of it, what if he grabs the pillow from our ring bearer?)

Well, Pyro pooped just when the food was being served. And we really didn't know how to handle it.

And my Baby, being the wonderful man that he is... offered to change Py on his own.

And that made me fall in love with him again.

I'm just always left mildly surprised and greatly warmed by how considerate and loving he is.

Of course, I couldn't just let him do it we made our excuses and went to the ladies room to change Py's nappy together.

And it was surreal in a weird way... to be feeling suffused with love as you wipe a kid's shit away.

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