Monday, May 23, 2005

One enlightening afternoon...

...found me in tears...

I have continuously pushed my baby pictures Jojo's way... proud to showcase how cute I was... ahehehe...

Yesterday, I asked to see his baby pics. Because I have yet to really see them. And so, finally, after 5 or so years, he obliged me with several albums.

And that's why I cried.

He was sooo cute... he looked so innocent. And the pictures showed how loved he must have been (being the eldest and being so cute).

And again, I was just overwhelmed with love for him... for the man that he was, for the man that he became, for the man that had all those experiences and trips and friends.

There is simply no rational explanation. I just loved him all the more.


That is not to say I didn't enjoy kidding him about some really nasty pics of him... dressed as an archangel with make-up, he looked like this really ugly homosexual. Bwahahahahahaha.


One of my ex's before took affinity with Batman. He even had Bat-shirts...and my brother would incessantly tease me about his arrival because he'd then chant the Batman theme song.

Anyway, found out yesterday why I didn't end up with him.

It seems I was destined for the WONDER BOY, Robin... (will post Jojo's pic in the Robin garb soon as we have the pic scanned)


My beloved's Mom also discussed the wedding menu with us etc. And she started getting a little emotional... scared that we might object to her advices and warnings, but feeling it her duty to forewarn us about marriage.

And I again cried too... touched by her love for us... touched by her worry... touched because she's a mother who will be saying to her first Baby this year... and who also saw two daughters rent apartments far away from their home. It must be really trying for a Mom...


Which reminds me... also went over Jojo's Mom's album...her single years... her growing up years. She looked a little like Paw (of the 2nd Star Circle quest), only more classy and without the dimples. And her poses were TIMELESS. You could see she was having the time of her life in all those pictures...

She also graduated Valedictorian in High School... and then went on to get a Nursing degree. She was a beauty queen too. And yet, she went on to spend most of her life being a stay-at-home wife and mother... attending to Jojo and his four other siblings.

Such sacrifice. Such love. No wonder I admire her so.

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