Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Misc. Kwentos

Mahal talaga ako ng Baby ko.

All Saturday morning, he just watched me have my teeth fixed. Then Saturday night, he found himself caressing my back as I vomited in his bedroom CR (and no, am not INFANTicipating, felt sick lang) and taking care of me lang.

He also gave me the red green light in booking Tet Hagape for all the gowns for our entourage, as well as my bridal gown. Paid downpayment already and had my measurements taken. First fitting ko is July 06. At the rate Tet scheduled everything, i'd probably have the gown ready by September... bwahahaha... that's sooo parusang malupit because then I'd have to really watch what I eat and do so as not to gain a single pound...or lose so much weight (as if!)

Tet and I also agreed that I won't be wearing a corset (too constricting for claustrophobic me) or a free bra (because that might make my boobies too ginormous for my gown)... I still haven't told this juicy piece of info to my Baby though... bwahahaha... something to torture him with during the ceremony...


The weekend brought the news that Baby's sis is EXPECTING. And for her and the baby, I really wish we could have greeted this news with more happiness and excitement. But we can't just yet. In fact, it's triggered so many issues for us that we're actually unhappy.

Wedding-wise though... we just lost a secondary sponsor and I can't think of anyone close enough to me/us who can replace her.

Another thought... I just hope she doesn't go a-fainting in my wedding.


Met with W@Wies last Sunday at the Bridal Fair at Mega Mall. We were like kids let loose in a toy store... then again, we were future brides let loose in a bridal fair, sans our beloveds.

Which really made it all the more fun because we can obssess with details and preparations all we want, without some groom sighing about expenses and OC-ness. Dulcinea couldn't refill our bottomless iced teas quickly enough... and though the chikahan was kinda BITIN, am sure we all left happy and giddy.

Now, we're planning to make it a monthly thing... Isn't that just crazy???


Tsk... found out that they'd also require my confirmation certificate if am going to have a Church wedding.

Tsk... I know I was confirmed in an Aglipay Church... and no, don't ask how Mom could make such a mistake (she had me and my brother confirmed there, and my sis baptized there too... my sis had to be baptized all over again in a Catholic Church)... but anyway... arrghhh... would have to schedule that one now...


I'm still restless about my cake. I really want Alex Franco but I can't justify his rates (considering we're over-budget in everything). Also, Barbara's will already be serving Blueberry Cheesecake and Decadent Chocolate Cake at the reception, so a 5-layered all-edible cake would be too much.

And most cakemakers I talk to suddenly get this weird, blank expression when I ask them about making a rocky-road and caramel cake... or plain sponge cake with different creams/fillings...

Baby and I have come up with an idea... but it would require someone to set it up and oversee the trimmings etc. during the wedding ceremony... oohhhhh... who to delegate kaya...

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