Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Shootix, only 5 months to go...

... and am not quite sure if we've made real progress since 2 months ago...

Church and ceremony
We attended Mass there last Sunday... I noticed that it's really rather dark there... or the lighting is just really muted. Anyway, I counted the rows of pews (?) and it's really only ten... I would be plotting the seating arrangement there soon (for am thinking i'd have the bearers sit on the side pew near the altar, so they'd be closer to the Priest and would be more scared to make noises).

Still have yet to meet with a Priest. But already finished the missal draft. I keep getting weepy around the 'exchange of vows' part. Hehe.

Jojo has made contact with the choir that sings there. We were told we can bring in soloists if we want, and that they're usually 7 in the choir when they do weddings. Not sure what their rate is.

Uhm... we found jewellers who said they've made the same design for a June couple. We've already had them give us a quote for our rings. But since we're prioritizing the reception, we still can't order from them.

What's good though is they say they can make the rings three days tops.

Awaiting the layout map of PICC plus the dimensions of the Courtyard.

Also, still trying to come up with the P80k for the downpayment for Barbara's... hopefully by August we'd have done this and can start really harassing them.

Wedding Gown and Other Outfits
Am actually having my first fitting tonight at Tet's :) She managed to get swatches of different laces and we'd be discussing what would fit me best. She'd also tailor the beadings/embellishments of my gown from the lace we'd choose.

Am only sorry I still haven't bought shoes... and that am only wearing 2" heels right now.

Still, I brought my cam :)

Uhm... like what I said, am still having issues with this. But I spoke with Ms. Santos this morning (from Cake Treats) and she's very amenable in making a cake for me with different-flavored chiffon, fillings and mousse :)

Ok na ako with a small round cake so long as I get the flavor I want. I mean, I already compromised, did I not?

Have yet to receive quotations from Ms. Yolly... Last I heard, they've gotten my e-mail (so they can give me a proper quote for the topiaries). Other than that... am really not paying much attention to this... there's always Dangwa anyway :)

Photo & Video
Saw Vignette in action at Joy's wedding... I still feel I chose well when I chose them.

Wedding Program
When I see Batjay, i'd get a CD of lovesongs... and the gimik with the cake... that won't work with a small cake and real small cake table (chances are, cocktail table lang gagamitin)... no real program yet :)

Haven't met with our primary sponsors yet. Haven't informed Jojo's cousin that we're getting her in lieu of his preggy sis.

I have been at Printed Matter a lot though... but because am accompanying w@wies. I'd deal with this maybe around September.

Right now, I just really want a stress-free wedding with elements that I really like, and didn't just settle for.

Discovery Weekend and the like
We're booked for the August 12 DW. In a way, my Baby got forced because lately, communication is a real challenge. I've also kept teling him that more and more times, I'm not looking forward to the wedding anymore.

Hopefully, we'd be enlightened... and we'd get to tackle our real issues.

Medical/Dental check-ups
One more month to go before we decide if my Baby will need the Exec. Exam. I got a jacket for my teeth and can smile now.

the Guest List
Uhm... what guest list?

Bridal car
A benz courtesy of Barbara's

Hair and Make Up/Beauty treatments
I'm torn between having a trial make-up w/ Angie Cruz or Lawrence this coming July 16. My bestfriend is getting married and I might as well maximize the makeup. Angie's is P1k, Lawrence's is P500.

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