Friday, July 08, 2005

First Fitting

The first fitting is usually the fitting of the inner gown... actually, more like the LINING of your gown. Anyway, I was asked to undress down to my panties for the fitting (I'd be braless on the wedding day, yes). The 'gown' was kinda maluwag so they started pinning/tucking parts of it (around the back area).

Me... I was like a child playing with her Mother's good dress. I was so giddy with excitement... i'd have turned pink with delight if I could.

I even wanted to have my picture taken... but alas, the lunatic that I am, I was wearing this really hot pink and blue undie that's very visible through the lining.

They asked me to try on a petticoat so I braced myself for the heavyweight champ of tulle... but then they handed me this graceful creation of tulle and lining, where the tulle starts just above one's knee. It wasn't even heavy at all... but it is still destined to do its part in defining a gown's silhouette.

I was ecstatic. I looked like a bride!!! If not for the pink undie, of course.

So I tried moving around (twirling, more like it) to get a better feel of everything as Tet asks me if I want more train... more tuck... more depth (to the decolletage and back) and as she discusses the 'fall' of the skirt with her assistant.


Anyway, it's really only going to be a sweep train, they're just adding some more length to the skirt because I intend to wear at least 3-inch heels... and for a more dramatic effect (without necessarily rendering me immobile).

Tet also showed me lace swatches to choose from. Then she also held several satin swatches over my hands so we'd see which white is perfect for my coloring.

She told me that actually, the whiter whites work best for morenas... because darker whites and creams darken the skin further (that's why they work best for light-complexioned people). Also, orange works better with morenas, while green is better with again, light-complezioned ones. Yellow (if it isn't too bright) brightens complexion so it's also good for morenas.

We also discussed beadings (she'd use flat sequins, pearls and swarovski... but minimally, so as to let the gown stand on its own merits... the embellishments are more for drama when light strikes my gown)...

And we finalized the color of the fabrics for the entou:

MOH - orange shantung and chiffon (with minimal beadings)
SS - orange shantung with green accents
FG - white top, yellow chiffon/tulle skirt and green sash

She also asked me to send her pictures of the Mothers so she can think of simple, elegant, non-matronlike designs for them (I think the latest Weddings In Style mag had several pages devoted to Mothers).

Anyway... I guess I can say the fitting went well. Tet will just e-mail me the final sketches of the gowns so I can post them daw (she's aware that w@wies do that).

Twas exhausting though... Pasig kasi eh.


Heard that the main EA for Jojie's (Apple, the daughter of the owner) is getting married next year. Too bad she can't join W@W. But she's nice. She's even asking my bestfriend who I referred to her for tips and ideas.


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