Friday, August 19, 2005

Busy Weekend ahead

Tomorrow, i'd finally pay our caterer. Then i'd be going back to the dermatologist, and after that, my Baby will be accompanying me to an allergologist. Then after that, we'd be going to Divi to look for giveaways (unless I decide I miss Becky's cakes more, of course).

Sunday, i'd be carting the family to go to Jojo's for the measurement-taking for my entou. The flower girls and my MIL and SIL and GIL (grandma-in-law) will have their measurements taken and gowns designed. MIL is pressuring us to go to Dampa to buy prawns but we don't really have the time, money and energy anymore. But she will be serving the spareribs in orange sauce that she made for the pamamanhikan. We'd just buy ice cream for the kids (and yes, Pyro will be coming along... may he not trip and fall as he explore his Ninong's house). After that, we can either go to Jojo's niece's birthday party, or to my cousin's (fiesta sa Paco).

Hopefully, Ela and Bonita will both be well by then to travel from Lipa.

Already had pics of the gown sketches scanned. Will post them next week w/ stories from the weekend. Of course, am still depriving everyone an idea of my gown design.

Hmm... what else?


Couldn't help but tinker with my Multiply Account. It still doesn't contain much but i've already posted recipes my Baby loves. Which reminds me, I have yet to post my no-bake brownie recipe.


I came across the word biedermeier while reading up on bouquets. WTF?

Biedermeier, West-European decorative style in furniture and fashion about 1820 till 1850; characteristics are: enjoyable, hominess and reliable; biedermeier flower arrangements are characterized mainly by globe forms (compact), mixed, grouped or with circle forms; also more square forms are possible, but those are not well known; also the so called French flower basket belong to biedermeier; they used many baskets and the use of ribbon.

Actually, it does look great and a little close to how I want my wedding bouquet to look like. I just hope pinoy florists won't charge me much for my gerbera-and-roses ensemble.


Oh yeah, posted wedding tips i've consolidated and thought up. Will update it from time to time.


Jojo continues to make me believe that God has sent each one of us a pair of hands to hold, that would always be there for us when we need to be reminded that someone will respond to our needs.

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