Monday, August 22, 2005

Measurement-taking for the entou

Whew... can you say 'exhausting'?

My beloved and I decided to just scour Recto for possible paper suppliers, then we went to Raon (where he feasted on gadgets), then we went to Quiapo (where we feasted on digital camcorders and digital cameras), then we went to check out laces and tiaras and beads.

That was Saturday. And the day was friggin' hot.

Sunday, I commuted with certain family members to go to my Baby's place for the measurement-taking for all the entou. Turned out, we were so early, and Tet was late (had trouble finding the place) and our 3rd flower girl was even later. And Pyro spent most of the day running around, and all of us running after him in case he decides to break something.

And the day was friggin' hot again.

Poor Jojo kept dozing at their sofa and all these kids kept waking him up. After all that, we went to my uncle's to partake of fiesta food.

I get stressed just thinking of their fitting date (October 9).

I only have sketches of what my 2 MOHs would wear.

Ela would wear this:

And Rez (my sis) would wear this:

Actually, I already have a sketch of my gown... and Tet told me that the gown is already made (sans beading) including the lace ekek. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

And my beloved, of course, threatened my life if I show him any picture of my fitting daw. Hahaha.

And with September coming up, and him going abroad for awhile next month... am starting to panic over all the things we have yet to accomplish.

Jojo gave me the go signal to map out our skeds... asking lang that I leave certain weekends for pampering and pure dates. :)

He was actually very masungit yesterday but knowing that the wedding preps has deprived him of weekends of long sleep... all I could do was kiss him on the cheek. Besides, he was more masungit with his Mom and sis, than with me. And he was ever so patient whenever Pyro was making lambing.

Todo na to!!!


While at Recto, this totally unaccommodating shop had these Carlson Craft albums of invites. Anyway, the invites were very nice!!! Check them out.

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