Monday, September 19, 2005

HMUA booked!

I made super maganda at home all day Saturday. Angie Cruz came on time w/ his friend (I forgot his name talaga) and proceeded to beautify me. Having no prenuptial photoshoot scheduled, I asked the hairstylist to arrange my hair the same way he'd arrange it on my wedding day.

And I was very happy with the results so I booked them there and then. I was actually the 3rd Dec. 28 wedding who inquired/had trial with them but they said their policy is whoever pays downpayment first and not who asked first.

Anyway, my face is just really oily so i'd really need oil blotter all thru the night. Other than that, I was amazed at how they were able to make my round-square face a little less round and a little less square.

Haaayyy... my sister is more excited now with her do for my wedding :D

And the fact that they didn't scare Pyro (who is deathly afraid of gay people, resulting from a traumatic first hair cut) meant a lot to me too.

And of course, seeing the expression on my beloved's face... him obviously falling HARD for me again and so thoroughly convinced he's marrying the most beautiful woman there is (he's wrong, I know, for he's marrying the sexiest one, not the prettiest one... bwahahaha), made the P1k trial charge worth it.

And yes, that's another less thing to worry about.



(pics taken at different times)

And i was advised to get around 12 fancy-dramatic hair pins to complement the hair.


I have owed our precious' pic for a long time now. Anyway, here is our tri-color band with the date of our wedding in roman numerals.

It was a challenge taking its bloody picture... and I don't think I gave it justice. Also, I doubt people can appreciate just how thick these babies are, and how humongous they are when worn on our fingers.

My Baby's ring won't even fit in the usual ring case :D which is why we still don't know where to place them for the wedding day shots (aside form the usual tied to the pillow ekek).


I'm sounding hyper and all but am actually sad. Jojo will be gone for 10 days and will return the weekend before my birthday. I alreay miss him very much.

And it's sad knowing he's in HK and I won't be following him, like last year.


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