Friday, September 16, 2005


I've been putting off answering this meme... I know someone else tagged me first but I couldn't find who (was it Dionne ba?), and then I got tagged again by Joy :)

Seven Things That Scare Me:
1. Having any of my children or grandchildren die first before I do
2. Not having a succesful marriage
3. Rats
4. My parents' mortality
5. Reptiles (lalo na the lizards and salamanders and geckos)
6. Having loved kids die first
7. Losing Jojo

Seven Things I Like The Most
1. Ela, Pyro and Jojo
2. My other nieces and nephews
3. White Chocolate
4. Cakes and Ice cream
5. My bed
6. Harry Potter
7. The waters of Boracay (and strutting around in flimsy outfits!)

Seven Random Facts About Me
1. I make mean desserts.
2. My crazy ways keep Jojo interested (and entertained)
3. I still eat powdered milk
4. I sleep on my side and wake up on my front
5. I am sexy!!!
6. I am very passionate about family.
7. I dream of becoming a teacher or guidance counselor.

Seven Important Things in my Bedroom
1. My bed.
2. Jojo's pillow.
3. My books.
4. My abubot (diaries, bags, letters from friends, etc)
5. My ID and other cards (credit cards, PAL Smiles, etc)
6. My Derma ekek
7. My wedding preps foldder (with all the receipts)

Seven Things I Plan to Do Before I Die
1. Donate blood.
2. Have kids and become a full-time Mom.
3. Bungee Jump, Parasail and White Water Raft
4. Bake cakes.
5. Travel abroad.
6. Plan my 10th, 25th and 50 renewals with Jojo.
7. Be the sexiest grandmomma ever!

Seven Things I Can Do
1. Read all HP books in just one week.
2. Make mean desserts.
3. Cry and laught at the same time.
4. Grind and Gyrate really well.
5. Climb mountains.
6. Sleep all day.
7. Listen real objectively to problems.

Seven Things I Can't Do
1. Swim.
2. Drive.
3. Eat live things.
4. Win the Amazing race of Fear Factor challenge.
5. Not care about my family.
6. Stop crying when am super happy or sad.
7. Reach the tip of my nose with my lips.

Seven Things That Attract Me to the Opposite Sex
1. A general smiling face.
2. Lean body (bwahahaha... even if mukha na syang adik!)
3. A penetrating gaze.
4. Long but slightly rough fingers.
5. A real cute butt.
6. Intelligence.
7. Gentleness.

Seven Things I Say the Most
1. Potek.
2. Kainis.
3. Shootix.
4. Letse.
5. Shungak-shungak.
6. Ay tanga.
7. Paksheff.

Seven Celebrity Crushes
1. Billy Zane
2. Edward Norton
3. Gary Oldman
4. Ralph Fiennes
5. French Stewart
6. Bill Pullman
7. Mr. Bean :D

Seven people you want to take this Quiz
i am sparing my friends na because I know this meme has gone around and chances are, those am close to have alerady been tagged :)

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