Monday, September 05, 2005

Shameless Promotion

It's not really a big thing, but my interview about having a wedblog came out today (check out Manila Bulletin's Techie News, Blog-O-Rama part, or check the article HERE).

Basically, I talked about the growing power of bloggers to reach out to other soon-to-weds as well as keep wedding suppliers on their toes.

My Dad couldn't get a copy of the paper because he's in Lipa and has started fencing our house there so he sayas he's busy, but has also instructed cousins to get him a copy.

My Baby's Mom texted Jojo, "In fairness gwapo ka dun sa first pic, kaso wala ka namang sinabi" Bwahahahaha....


Went to the Wedding Expo last Saturday and got the Cd of our prenup pics taken at the W@W Grand EB :)

All photos courtesy of Franco from Imagineer.

(forgive the hair, we didn't intend to avail of the free photo ops and got there late... didn't even take time to freshen up, and it was dang HUMID, I was sweating like a pig)

and my fave, fave shot...


As a prize for being good enough to have that skin test (for allergies), my beloved bought me PEARLS at Market, Market.

He also brought me and his sister this funky pearls and magnet bracelet/necklace thingie... and he kept expecting me to get rashes from the metal-looking thingies in the bracelet.

I really think I got him traumatized so bad... poor Baby!

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