Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The W@W Grand EB, and the productive weekend

The rains didn't discourage us from going to the W@W Grand EB at Oasis. We were greeted by attentive guests and immediately drooled over the donut tree there. Imagineer and Image-Nation sponsored pre-nuptial photo ops for couples and Jojo and I are super duper excited to see our pics :)

There were a lot of games and prizes and food so basically, it was just a whole lot of fun. My DW batchmates and I shared the same table with Mai and we were pretty near the stage so, we were pretty nearby to join contests and all.

But yes, I keep rushing in front just for the kodak moments.

And i'd never win an eating contest in my entire life! Just the thought that I have to eat fast already makes me gag. And yes, it's a shame that i'm barkadas with the top 3 fastest donut eaters (Tin, Jacque and Wella... how takaw no?)

And I sooo love Joy for giving me white chocolates she made!!! (I think they'd have won the Kissing game, being already married and all... Jojo and I wouldn't have had a chance, because I always have a problem with breathing)

And it was sooo fun to put faces to the personalities i've just mainly corresponded with through e-mail (like Meng and Marj and Cindy, who are all very slim, hmmpff, ingget) and other CWL mental people like Xna and Mai... and seeing old faces like Ivy and Pinky and Karla and just acting crazily with the often-timers Tin, Wella, Jacque, Con and Charie.

And super duper we love meeting Chris and enjoying boxes and boxes of freebie Kleenex!!!

To say we had a blast is the understatement of the year!

Check out our happy faces at my multiply acct and at mai's webshots, and also at Karlalex's webshots. I heard there are 6 CDs of pics for the whole night, with John and Benz in about 60% of them, and Me probably in 40% of them... bwahahaha.

Also realized that my baby and I aren't shy at all. Goodness, Jojo even made wagayway his ass in front of everyone for "First Couple to dance to an upbeat song". We're just natural with photographers and well... parties!

And of course, Ms. Judy Uson was sooo overwhelmed with the energy of the w@wies, she threw in a 3-tiered white chocolate wedding cake as a prize!

Guess who got it? :p

Oh, here's an excerpt from Ms. Judy's e-mail (such a kind and generous woman, and really artistic too!)

hi mec :) great to hear from you. actually the prize wasn't planned at all. i attended the W@W party not knowing what to expect because it was really my first time to be with all of you.

as i mentioned during the party, it was great to have such a group of brides who have truly elevated the standards of excellence and expectations for the wedding industry ... its you W@Wies who truly keep us suppliers on our toes.

... and when i saw that you were all having so much fun and that great friendships were being built, i thought that it would be great if i can, in my own way, encourage you more... so thats when i thought of giving that cake. i'm happy that you got it! and that you love white chocolate!

Jojo and I are still soooo ecstatic about bagging this prize because we're still really at a loss about our wedding cake!

And we got it by being the first couple to get onstage, with the bride in the groom's arms (I didn't give my beloved a choice, I just jumped into his arms!).

God really has wonderful ways of blessing us.

What's more, since it was raining... Jojo anxiously whispered to me that it's too bad we didn't win any umbrellas... and true enough, my newly-opened Maybelline Dazzling Red Lipstick won us an umbrella!!!

And to cap everything, I was voted as Miss Helpful. It was great just being nominated, but far greater to have the little things I do (mostly, respond to e-mails... ahehe) recognized and appreciated. And it's really weird since without w@w, I doubt i'd have anything to contribute to wedding planning at all!

It was really a fun-filled evening that drew soon-to-wed couples together... Mama Benz had to kick us out of Oasis because the waiters couldn't clean up, with the CWL sprawled on the mat and lounging on pillows, talking about each other's loot.

And both John and Benz loved the plate we gave them, as a THANK YOU from the w@w community. :)

And speaking of loot...

Umbrella not included


Saturday was hot and humid, everything that will discourage you to go about doing wedding preps. Still, my Baby and I decided to push thru with our visit to our invitations sponsor.

And we are now assured they can really deliver the kind of invites we want :)


Aside from having cake and invites, I got my ass to Divi yesterday. Now, I shall also be the mistress of DIY. Lolz.

Grandiose, unlikely dreams aside... I can't wait to start on the Kissing Bells (basically, I just have to thread the organza ribbon through the bells and attach the ringing instructions)!!!

Also bought fabrics to spruce up the chest that will contain our Unity Coins. I've also already had our utility guy find me some styro for the chest.

Grabe na to... am sooo creative na din!!!


St. Pancratius / Paco Park brides:

They don't accept full payment till after you've submitted all documents they're requiring :) And they will provide sacristans, but not Host and Wine so you've got to buy these. Also, if you're bringing in your own priest, you have to furnish them with the Priest's name and License Number for verification.

We're still awaiting the quoations from their in-house florist too. Dang, how will we transport the topiaries???!!!

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