Monday, October 17, 2005

Kulang pa ng Isa

It was too late when we noticed that we should have gotten one more piglet. Anyway, "kulang pa ng isa to make it seven" because diba nga, we keep joking about having 7 kids. Ahehe.

Anyway, here is my beloved ala Buddha with the piglets we bought in Divi. We actually just found them really, really cute and decided to buy some for our FGs to include in their loot bag. We bought some extra for other nieces. It's 3 for P100 and really cuddly. I can't say they're great buys but they're really cute!!! nd soft!!! :) And we only saw one vendor selling such.


Anyway, accomplishments for the weekend include:

* Getting the Marriage License from City Hall (they misspelled Jojo's address but corrected and signed the corrections)

* Getting Jojo's pure piƱa barong with raya design (it's P4,500) and also buying a camisa chino for him. Can I just say that there's no doubt my h2b will be the handsomest and cuddliest groom ever? :)

* Going on a date after a looong time, watching Deuce Bigalow and having dinner out (see, it was our monthsary last Friday)

* Buying our Baby Bank

I found this too cute for words! yes, we're like on this piglet frenzy but really, I so found this cute. Anyway, since I really seldom fawn over things, my Baby decided to buy this for me (from one of the shops along Juan Luna in Divi). It's actually a piggy bank and well, forebodes well of how i'd probably end up looking after 3 kids.

And 3 kids is our real target.

And we agreed that Jojo will start putting money in it the moment we find out we're pregnant, and that he cannot put in anything lower than P500. And yes, he has to drop money there all the time. That's for every pregnancy (but of course, the minimum will inflate with the times). Ahihi... la lang, it's super kakakilig lang to have all these dreams and to be this infanticipating with someone.


Meanwhile, please pray for Jojo's Dad who's been confined in the hospital since last Saturday. It's really so hard to be dealing with illness in the middle of one's wedding preparations... you're always torn between excitement and sadness.

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