Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Could we do it in 50 days?

Finish all the other little things we haven't attended to?

Arrghh... I have set my heart on having December a relaxing time already for me... but due to illnesses in the family, our preps have taken a major delay.

My Baby also couldn't finalize his side of the entou so the invites are still a-pending. And they're also not finished with their side of the guest list too.

Still, I have paid Vignette 75% of our package price already. Will just meet with them for last-minute specifications for shots we want to have on the day of our wedding.

Dang PICC still hasn't launched our venue officially, meaning we could still not get our hands on an official lay-out plan.

Got our banns already and had them published in our respective Parishes... who knew they need pictures for them :) Though of course, that's a practical something. Found out an old friend is getting married on January 12.

Have I mentioned I also got re-confirmed too, at San Miguel Church (weddings there cost P9,500, confirmations cost P600)? Anyway... the stupidest thing...

St. Vincent's Parish, where St. Pancratius is under, failed to give me this guidelines sheet for their requirements. So imagine my frustration going there, armed (or so I thought) with baptismal and confirmation certificates... and ended up having my own baptismal certificate REJECTED because it was issued last July!!! Grrr... seems the only accept certificates issued 3 months before the wedding date... They caved in and accepted Jojo's certificates which MIL got for us last September... but just wouldn't accept mine.

So there! Hmmmpf...

Still no priest :)

Still no house to live in after the wedding.

Still no concrete honeymoon plans.

And we'd have to check with Westin again if we could conduct photo ops at their grounds and bring in snacks for our supplliers during the preps...


Meanwhile... a friend of mine makes these wonderful bag accessories that some of you might want to buy for yourself, or gift anyone with.

Zsa can be reached through e-mail : bead_dazzled101 @ yahoo. com

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