Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Did we accomplish anything?

Monday afternoon found me gasping for breath, and a little sore all over.
I was dirty, I was sweaty, I was exhausted.
My Baby Jojo was the same.
We were both trying to catch our breath as we laugh/smile whenever we look at each other.

We were house-hunting. Some 6 hours of walking around Onyx/Main (Paco) to UN yielded some possibilities.

In all honesty, we're only now realizing how costly it would be to live together. For aside from the rent, we'd be spending for otehr bills as well as living allowance and kapritsos.


We found this charming abode, but at P7.7k a month, I think it's too steep for just 22 sq. m. (my bedroom alone is almost as big...)

Then again, I didn't like the CR at the P7.5k 2-bedroom unit we found beside this ice cream shop.

And heaven help me, it would be the death of me to live in that P4.5k unit up that horribly-made staircase where your neighbors can literally hear and smell you. But their CR was big (sorry, I grew up using a CR where I can do jumping jacks so it's really an issue).

And yes, we know, we have to compromise somewhere.

We've looked in just one general area anyway. We have yet to tackle Pasay, Malate Area and also Makati.

Heaven help us, may we find our new home (however temporary) before Jojo's 29th birthday!


Sunday, Baby and I met with one of our Ninongs. He insisted upon it, having made it a practice for couples who want to get him for ninong.

He had a lot of advice (like working to go on trips to places we've both never been, locally or abroad, at least once a year; establishing rules where money and gimmicks and child-rearing is concerned; taking each child as a blessing; allowing for each other's hobbies and interests, etc) and it was a very nice lunch, hearing him talk about how it was when he got married (he's only 40 yrs old).


We were such sloths, we didn't make it in time for a prospective Priest's Mass.


FIL made this half-meant comment that we're to give him a grandson asap. SIL is expecting a girl.


I suggested that if Westin wouldn't be amenable to corkage-free snacks and photo ops around its property, we just look for a cheaper hotel and use saved funds for a good musical group for the reception instead.

Esply considering that parking at Westin is P100.00.

So, yes, am looking forward to a more romantic reception now that we're getting musicians over the mobile we already got.


I dreamt I texted Tet (designer) to provide tummy allowance in my gown because i'm already pregnant and will give birth on April.

I just hope I really didn't do it, but I still haven't checked... and no, am really not preggy.


Jojo slept at our house for 2 nights so we could concentrate on our preps. We engaged in a dialogue as well as revisited our guest list, and also started listing our choice toilettries.

I realized am just really so attached to my family that I feel easily threatened that Jojo is going to take me away from them. Which is so far from the truth because he also loves my family and acknowledges that my family needs both of us right now.

There were other issues we talked about, we made suggestions about how we'd handle our money and future family.

Still, the most agreement we arrived at was to continue revisiting the rules we've set so far to see if they're still working for us... if they're doable and workable and fair.

Personally, i'm feeling some sort of anxiety with all the changes that are less than 60 days away... the lifestyle change and the risks and the compromises.

That's not to say am not looking forward to be with him. Let's just say that some parts of me are resisting being with him... knowing it won't be easy... knwoing it's relatively the UNKNOWN...

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