Monday, November 21, 2005

Less than 40 days to go

Church interview is this Friday. We've had our entou fitting already last 13th. We're getting all the gowns (except my mother's and cousin's) on Dec 12. Both my Mom and cousin will have their last fitting on Dec 12. We'd also be delivering the gowns on that day to the rest of the entou.

We've bought hanky sets for the male SS and BM, as additional gifts (we already bought them money clips before).

We're also bought hankering to already improve my parent's apartment to make it our own.

I'm finished with the guest sheets and trivia and kissing bells instruction cards. Kissing bells are also already finished, and in a box.

Have yet to work on reception programme and follow-up changes in the missal if ever.

Our invites are already being printed (yey!) and hopefully, we'd be printing names on evelopes this long weekend.

I'm having MAJOR wedding jitters...

We still don't know if Pyro will be allowed to join us during the Mass as Honorary Best Man... for fear of exposing him to people who might pass germs onto him.

Had dinner with another Ninong, my MIL's good friend since her elementary/high school days.

Because things have been hectic, took my Baby shopping for shirts and undies and mojos and socks instead.

Am also going to start clipping payments already. And schedule meetings with Bernie Pasamba, PICC, Enigma.

Also have to contact Judy Uson.

I've also gotten another massage yesterday with my Baby.

kaya to!

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