Monday, November 28, 2005


And we're both showing a lack of grace under pressure.

To say that the past week has been stressing would be such an understatement! And both my Baby and I need TLC we couldn't really give sometimes, caught up in work pressures and wedding preparations and family worries.

I also had the real bad luck to get sick and scare the living daylights out of my groom... a month from our wedding day!

I'm telling you, mortality issues this early in your (non) marriage isn't fun!


And because we're both stressed and my Baby had the added (mounting) pressure to deliver more at work (he had to leave at a critical time to be at my side at the ER, watch me for over 5 hours and then bring me home), we both went ballistic at each other the other night.


But all's well now with us. And we're back to the wedding preps with a clearer head and more loving hearts.


Got our sponsored invites.

Didn't like it much. But it's still a gift we appreciate. Unfortunately, we both didn't double-check the names THAT WELL and managed to get two names WRONG. Blessing in disguise that the invites are so simple (and basic), we're able to repair the damage by re-printing 50 or so entourage pages.

Met with our Priest and he was kind enough to photocopy the CORRECT verses for Feast of the Innocents... it being a Catholic Holiday. He just asked us to insert prayers/words on the slaughtering of the innocents with the marriage prayers/words... hehe.

Also had our canonical interview at St. Vincent's Parish... the priest was nice enough to keep reminding us to date. He also shared a very wonderful phrase that I'd be including in our missalette:

"Love is inventive unto infinity." (St. Vincent de Paul)

Printed Matter also didn't fail me when we realized we haven't ordered our stickers yet from them. Got them within 30 minutes, Phoebe was very accommodating :) Maybe i'll return to them to have Thank You cards printed (because Jojo felt we had to make bawi somehow for the invites with giveaways, and still make a donation to Kythe as originally planned).

Barbara's will be (hopefully) ready with the layout plan for the tables next week. And we've paid our remaining balance with PICC.

All guests sheets are ready, will just reprint the Kissing Bells instruction cards (i found paper lang na mas bagay), printed the RSVP cards too...

Will meet with Bernie tomorrow to discuss ceremony and reception music...

Already got the bag charms I ordered for my female entou (and to give to certain special people wh helped with the wedding). Love the bag charms!!! Parang I don't wanna give them away na nga eh... mwehehehe... also bought boxes and gift wraps for them...

We've also started planning what things to modify, renovate, etc for our future home. We'd be cleaning its walls and stuff next week and start acquiring stuff for it also next week.

We still have a million things to do... like worry over who'd play driver to our families on the day, who will pick up the cakes for the PS, etc.

Side by side with all the other deadlines at work we have to meet... and monitoring my health/diet to make sure I don't have another allergy episode.

Again, kaya to! :)


One other accomplishment I can report is having started scanning our old/baby pics...

whenever i look at his baby pictures, i fall in love again
and i feel weepy...
this is how he looked like when he was young
these are the things he wore and did
at a time i wasn't in his life yet
a time he'd only tell me about
and my gosh... he was really beautiful!!!

and i can't wait to be the FIRST WITNESS to who he is becoming :)

(btw, he feels the same when he sees my baby pics... ahihi)

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