Friday, December 09, 2005

The Last Anniversary

Days have been hectic and toxic as we cram work and preps and QT (quality time) into the remaining days leading to our wedding day.

We were both on leave last Monday, to fetch gowns and assist my just-arrived Mom with her errands and also consult with PICC and conduct numerous ocular inspections of our reception venue.

Yes, we've only just finalized our reception layout plan.

And my Mom still had a lot of things to be adjusted for her gown.

And my gown still has to be beaded. And Tet and company are having trouble getting it to fit perfectly around my bodice. May they be able to prop it up well... for I don't really want to flash my guests, exhbitionistic that I am.

And I have to wrap the other gifts to my entou... and package the goodie bags of the kids in our wedding party.


Yesterday was our last monthsary as an unmarried couple. And after the 28th, we'd be having two anniversary dates already... March 14 and December 28.

My Baby joined me as I went to St. Vincent's parish office to pay our remaining balance... he then brought me to work.

Later he fetched me from work (shucks, kaka-spoil!) to accompany me to PICC where we'd be meeting with our AEs from PICC and Barbara's, as well as our OTD coordinator.

Ycay (PICC AE) was very worried with the rains... and was infectious with her worry. She kept offering us their Banquet Hall instead... a ballroom of sorts with low ceilings and plush carpets that can accommodate 320 people. With fancy chandelier-like lighting, it overlooks our real venue, The Courtyard.

You can't go wrong with Banquet Hall... but I had my heart set on an outdoors reception. I've been asking myself a lot if I have the grace to take things in stride if we get a downpour before or during the reception. I've also been asking myself where i'd feel WORSE... having to relocate because of rain in the middle or before the reception program... or already switching to the banquet hall, and then have no rain on the night of my wedding.

Anyway, after being shown the Banquet Hall... we proceeded to the Courtyard. One option we have is to set things up at the Bridgeway... and have the spillover under a sheltered part of the Courtyard... IF it rains, or if it rained too much during the day that the entire Courtyard will be slippery.

I actually like that better... even if the lighting at the Bridgeway is plain fluorescent light at best. See, you still have some garden view and breeze will be flowing freely among us.

And then, for the first time ever since we first discovered the place... the lights were lit for us that night.

And Rowie (my coord) gasped and said, "Ay Mec, dito ka na lang!"

It was just really beautiful in a breathtakingly enchanted way... the fiber optic lights at the fountain quietly illuminated the place in such a way that you feel anything magical will happen anytime. Plant boxes were surrounded with lights on its grounds... two spotlights were also available... but everything was still pleasantly dark... Everything still seemed intimate... secret...

Perfect for luminaries... Perfect for use of spotlights... Perfect for torches...

Considering they removed all Christmas lights from the trees because of the government's austerity measures.

I'm almost tempted to purhcase huge Christmas balls to decorate the trees... or some lights... but there were too many trees to decorate... ahehe... and Japanese lanterns might take away from the mystical beauty of the place.

Haayy... Jojo was very much taken talaga with the place... it's super nakaka-in love!

Later we ate at Pier One, where he asked me to remind him time and again to date me. :)


So yes, I guess the decision is still to brave the weather and risk our guests, our awtfits, getting wet.

I rationalized that if other people I know managed to enjoy their wedding after guests have fled and taken shelter... after buffet tables have been moved, and programs disrupted... why can't we?

I've even a mind to dance in the rain w/ my Baby for really nice pictures and video footage.


Besides, I further philosophized, our venue is concrete and stone... and we have a back-up plan... but thjere will be weddings at Puerta Real, Plaza Moriones, Father Blanco's Garden, baluarte de san Diego, Paco Park and Orchidarium too that same night...

And these places are true-blue gardens that will result in mud and muck and puddles for frogs and carabos.

The reception at Paco Park will also be for a golden wedding... magine old people getting wet and having to be carted off to dry places.


Hindi ako mag-iisa... it won't be personal!

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