Friday, December 09, 2005

WeIrdLy KiLiG

Every morning, i'd be a little late going to work because mornings are colder, and it's getting harder and harder to leave my warm bed.

Anyway, I find myself in a great mood a lot the past mornings because, thanks to my mp3 player, I get to already enjoy the songs that are going to be played during our reception.

Of course, I didn't invlude anymore the repertoire Bernie Pasamba's group is in charge of... but it still creates this overwhelming excitement in me to listen to the back-up songs.

They're compiled in different folders... one for when guests are arriving, the other for back-up during dinner and Bernie's group is taking a break, one for when guests are leaving. There's also separate folders for the cake cutting and garter toss and father speeches.


Not only do I become more in love with Jojo, and more excited about our BIG NIGHT... but it's almost like getting married everyday.



SIL has started wrapping up our giveaways. My sis and Dad helped Jojo and me to label the giveaways.

Pyro tried to help too. Almost broke some of the giveaways, hehe.

Saw our giveaways being sold at Rob Place for P75 each... Que barbaridad!


Renovations in the house are almost done now. Happiness :)


Heard from Tet that my gown still doesn't have beadings on. Hanube!!! But i'm also checking out hairpieces made by her sister when we get the entou gowns this Monday.


Next week, i'd be printing the missals already. Have started wrapping my gifts to the entou/sponsors.


Suddenly we're realy poor. Paying remaining balances is just criminally depressing.

But yes, am happy and kilig still.

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