Monday, January 23, 2006

So far...

... Jojo and I haven't settled at a normal anything yet.

We are presently occupying the apartment house my parents used to rent out. That's one of their 'gifts' to us to help us save for our own future home, knowing we're just starting out.

But the days after our wedding saw us sleep in several different beds: the hotel room, our bed, Jojo's old bed at their house, a bed in Lipa at my parents' house there, the bed in Marinduque (where we had the first of our many honeymoons)...

Then Jojo had to leave me for 2 weeks.

(Funny aside: i've been anxious about sleeping with him full-time, because I've never been used to sharing a bed with someone else. Plus, he snores and I was scared he'd deprive me totally of sleep. But I found out he doesn't snore so badly, and when he does, a nudge usually takes care of things. I also found myself making SIKSIK him, wanting the feel and smell of him when I sleep. And when he was gone, I felt so alone in our queen-sized bed that I took to sleeping in my old bed again. But since he got back, it was just riding a bicycle and my sleep was untroubled again)

I planned to purchase little things needed for the house, racks and shelves and other space-saving and space-managing things... but all I ever got around to doing was organizing some of our clothes and freshening up the smell of the cabinets with Dove and Irish Spring soaps (Dove for my things, Irish Spring for his).

I also got sick... and my Baby asked that I really sleep at the other house so that if anything happens to me, there'd be someone around.

Then I had to go attend my SIL's wedding without Jojo, and it was weird sleeping over at his old bed without him. But I love that his family really treats me as family now, and I love that am getting to know them more and more. And it's kinda bittersweet to be the one telling tales about them to Jojo (when he got back).

And as usual, my Baby didn't forget to bring presents for my loved ones as well.

Anyway, there are a lot of things we have yet to do before we're really SETTLED... like:

1) Transfer my clothes from the other house to our home
2) Get shelves and drawers for Jojo's stuff
3) Replace the old linoleum downstairs
4) Purchase regulator for the gas tank so we can start using our stove
5) Replace the cable for the cable :D
6) Get a sofa set
7) Buy pots and pans (we only got one pan from all the wedding loot)

We also have to deal with updating our records and change-of-status/name... but the marriage contract isn't due to be available till the 28th.

We also have yet to submit our chosen pics for our wedding album :D And get what we could reimburse from PICC.

All in good time, I guess.

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