Monday, February 20, 2006

Family additions and What-nots

I was an addition to the Arevalo family, made official by our wedding last December. Then Jojo's sis married last January, thus the Arevalos also got Trek.

My in-laws have been really great about embracing new people who took their kids away from them. MIL would often entice us with food, just to visit. FIL constantly follows up on me and pregnancy. Both even tell us it's ok if we just give them the baby after it's born. Hehe.

And then, February brought all of us Sophia Ma. Carla, the latest and most beautiful addition to the Arevalo family. Everybody is just crazy over this child, she's so blesed.

And she blessed us all with her presence in turn, making days brighter for all of us as we monitor her progress and keep talking and talking and talking about her: how cute she is, how chubby she is, how beautiful she is, how she makes us feel, what she reminds us of.


My Baby, apart from being overwhelmed by the fact that his baby sister is already a mother, is also really very excited and made gentler by becoming an uncle.

In a way, we can't wait for our own (we sometimes call Baby Iya PEANUT in jest, and Jojo decided to nickname our future eldest WALNUT naman, aysus). On the other hand, we CAN too.

Wanting to get to know each other more and enjoy each other in ways we never can once we've started a family, we're both looking forward to our Cagayan trip this March to mark the 6th anniversary of our togetherness.


My Baby messed up our first Valentines as a married couple in a really BIG way. Enough for me to really give him the cold treatment because I was just mad and sad talaga, having looked forward to it like a child for his 7th birthday.

Then again, even though i'd forever feel bad about what happened, I know I can't ever say that I am without love and romance and surprises.

Guys can just be weird sometimes.

(although, I really hope he runs his surprise ideas with a woman first before executing them, so he'd be taught PROPER TIMING)


Dialogue over our plans for the next 5 years is DUE.


MIL is so sweet. Upon learning that we didn't have a ref (which was why Jojo refused some goodies she wanted him to bring home to us), she planned to gift us with one.

Actually, it's a practical choice we made. Living in the same compound with my family means we can save on gas and electricity by just chipping in with my family for meals.

But MIL told us she won't be giving us a ref anymore, because the Leyte tragedy victims need the money more. It's ok with us, it's the thought that counts... and heaven really blessed me when it sent me an MIL I could really love and respect :) (and who loves me and fusses over me like am her own)


Love you Baby!

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