Friday, February 10, 2006

Flowers anyone?

I didn't want the usual hand-tied creations i kept seeing in magazines and wedding sites. I wanted something a little distinctive but not overly complicated. And being not as fond of flowers as some girls are, I didn't want to spend so much on them.

Actually, one perfect bloom of a calla lily is more than elegant.

But I was not an elegant person. So I had to find something that is reflective of my personality.

Plus, I love gerbera daisies, because they're such a happy kind of flowers. And I thought, roses, tho timeless, are just way too common.

But... not when they're yellow, eh? :)

And then I got confused about what nosegays actually are? Are they flowers or an arrangement? (they're a form of arrangement :)

And then I bumped onto the term BIEDERMEIER.

Shucks, how fancy! :D

Anyway, to differentiate, click here.

To have a better idea of how biedermeiers look like, voila!

the perfect biedermeier, Concentric circles of flowers in different flowers (pic stolen from The Knot)

That looked too elegant for me. I wanted something simpler (and that won't require too many flowers)

How nice to use your color motiff as border no?

But then, I found THIS on a magazine.

Perfect for my gerbera fascination!

Which all boiled down to my bouquet :)

Steve Dorotan, tho I gave him a picture to immitate, didn't quite get the exactly casual, fun effect of the previous bouquet. But the colors were so alive in my bouquet that everyone had fun with it just the same

Anyway, wouldn't it be nice to get replicas of our bridal bouquets for Valentines? Or ok fine, for our wedding anniversaries? :)

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