Friday, February 03, 2006

A Month after

It's been hard waking up in mornings, ever since we got married, for my Baby has to work till late sometimes, and then our nightly conversations start super late. Tickling each other at 2 am also contributes to the exhhaustion (among otehr things, of course).

FIL is adamant we start a family soon. My Dad is suggesting we get a more expensive car than the one we're targetting. The house is still not much of a house where furnitures are concerned, but i've already cooked there for the first time (brownie chicken nuggets). I still take my baths, and we eat breakfast and dinner at the other house too.

But still, the slowly but sure progress of our married life is nice. True, it's like we're still only playing house, but it's nice having someone's arms wrapped around you at night as you watch TV... and it's nicer making plans, and dreaming dreams with someone you now can count on to stay (because he's binded by a contract, bwahaha).

Most of all, it's nice to find more reasons to be in love, and stay in love with the one you chose to be with. :)


~ shy violin ~ said...

nice run down of suppliers and love story. so nice. =) congrats!

~ shy violin ~ said...
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