Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our souvenirs & guest sheets

I was not able to take pictures of our souvenirs because we had SIL pack and wrap them after we bought them from Divi.

Anyway, here they are :)

They're stained glass tea candle holders


I decided to start on the scrapbooking of wedding ekek thing. I forgot to mention before that one disappointment I really had on our wedding day was to get most of the guest sheets unsigned (and yet none of the ballpens ever found its way back to us). Howell...

But i'm thankful to all those who took the trouble of filling out the spaces. And if anybody's reading this and their motiff is green, orange and yellow (or if you don't care about motiff-motiff), you can ask me for those unsigned ones to use for your wedding :) sayang naman kasi :)

Anyway, I intend to post them with pictures so am still awaiting the high-res copies from Vignette.


Found out that our Ninong Alex will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary here next year, and that they wanted to get my HMUA, caterer and musicians :) Hay naku, am sure their wedding will be more beautiful than ours kasi they're our super idols when it comes to love and grace :)


On a kinda sad note, how I wish I can convince my parents to have a renewal for their 30th anniversary next year. I can't really finance it all by myself... but am not so sure they're up for a wedding. Hay... (we grew up w/o seeing pics of their wedding because their photographer forgot to use FILM!)


My beloved fills my life with little, thoughtful things... I can't help but fall in love more and more.


By the way, Py is better...

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