Monday, March 06, 2006

5 year plan

For weeks I have been troubled, antsy about a dialogue Jojo and I seem to never have time for. For days, i've also been crying and frustrated, feeling lost and all kinds of insecure. I guess some brides find themselves in a similar frame of mind... where you don't know where you're headed because you're 'shocked' to realize that there are two of you in your life now.

After a lot of tears on my part (and a lot of childishness too), I got what I wanted: the Five Year Plan dialogue.

Of course, we'd have to revisit this plan time and again, to check if we were realistic and to adjust certain things. But still, just like magic, all my fears and apprehensions and anxiety over the future evaporated (well, of course, one is always anxious about the future). Am no longer insecure!!! We have this mission and vision and time-bounded goals and know which roles to play to complement each other. I'm happy as a lark, if my husband isn't leaving for Thailand today, i'd have beaten him black and blue with kisses. Hehe.

Hopefully, fate or Life cooperates... and that the universe will now conspire to bring to us the opportunities we need.

Meanwhile, I'd be taking photography lessons this May. And yes, there's our Cagayan trip this March. And i'd be back in school this June while keeping my job. My Baby will be reviewing for an Avaya certification/exam while staying in the same company. And on the side, we'll be cooking other things up.

We'd start having babies next year. Right now, I intend to already save for the baby (babies?) since hubby and I agreed that it's really best that I be a full-time Mom.

Basta, am happy.

Thank you, Baby. have a safe trip... and I already really miss you.

And thank God :)

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