Thursday, March 09, 2006

Come home na, Mahal!

Unlike other wives who get to maniacally scrubbing floors or shopping when their hubbies are away, I slip in the doldrums and continue to while my time away in front of the TV (or attempting to learn Photoshop some more), doing nothing else (oh ok, I eat popcorn too).

I haven't even gotten around to getting some cups for us from our gift loot, thus continuing to use the cups from my parents' home.

I do the laundry though, because I wouldn't have anything to wear for work. :)

But really, it's just not fun anymore to be alone... nights find me more restless, unable to sleep without music for company.

I miss my Baby.

And dang his work, he has to stay in Thailand for another day... costing me another restless night... costing me my meeting with friends... costing me P300 (because I bought magazines to comfort me too).


Have I said I miss my Baby yet?


Told my MIL that her son has been complaining of Thai food again... now she's asking what we want to eat for the weekend since we're staying with them :)

I'm just really so lucky to have a great MIL!!!


Oh, please say a little prayer for Jojo's uncle, who might be passing away anyday now from cancer. Thank you.


Used Lainie Day SH, Muriel and ITC Zapt Dingbats fonts... and this Sunflower border I don't know who to credit with (hay, i can't wait for a PC upgrade and a Photoshop version upgrade!!!)

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