Friday, November 17, 2006


I have been blogging about our trip to Palawan all night. But still, am not yet through. I only got to finish writing about Coron.

And you're there on our day bed, snoring.

And beside you is the media player you bought for yourself on your birthday.

And on the bed upstairs, the new bag that came with the perfume I bought for you as a birthday gift.

And on the table beside this PC, the new digicam... another shared gift we gave ourselves (aside from the Davao, Palawan trips and the Smackdown gig).

But what strikes me the most right now is not the fact that we're blessed materially... but how blessed I am to have you in my life.

Happy birthday my beloved, my darling, my Baby. I must have done something good indeed to be loved by a man like you. And know that I am striving to be more like you every day... because you're the most loving, the most gentle man I know.

I'm sure the white chocolate cheesecake we made together will be over-the-top delicious.

But nothing... nothing can be as wonderful as my life with you.

I love you, Baby. I'm so glad you were born 30 years ago... for me to love... for me to have.

The best is yet to come, indeed, Mahal...

Baby Jojo in one of his Totoy Bibo poses

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