Friday, December 15, 2006


I have been negligent. I know.


My last entry here was this mushy ode to my spouse for his birthday. But like his birthday two years ago (yes, when he proposed, he planned a nice surprise for me.

He accidentally found out that The Company will be at Cafe Lupe on the night of his birthday so he reserved us tables. He also had a thank you card ready, with pictures of us at our wedding. The best thing was, we were able to hand the card to Moy and Annie personally. And they kept greeting us the whole time and congratulating us.

It was really, really nice. Baby and I agreed to see them for every November 17 that they have a gig.

And yes, we got all mushy again reminiscing about that magical night where I was clueless to the core.

Time flies so fast.


Because of W@W, I met 9 beautifully crazy women who shared the journey with me the most to becoming a bride, then a wife (aside from hubby Baby opkors!).

Now, we're all sharing the journey to motherhood... and sis Jacque was the first to be blessed with child.

Last 24 November, the girls managed to find time to throw Jacque and Simon's Francesa Simone her very first shower.

We all love her already... and are praying for all the best for her. She;s actually already really lucky to have two loving parents... and us sexy aunts :D

Itim ko pa from our Palawan trip no?


Two of our friends have recently given birth... both babies are to be baptized on Christmas Day. We also love them both so much already.


A college friend is getting married tom. Her MOH is getting married next year, on Jojo's birthday. I've been playing wedding consultant to both... and yesterday accompanied my friend in booking Barbara's for their reception next year.

I went really senti looking at their wedding packages and discussing details with them. Has it already been a year?


Hubby really loves me. At their Christmas party, he put in his wish list KIKAY KIT (yey, may gift na ako sa wife ko!) and so his Mommy gave him all these make-up in a beautiful box. All for me.

Well, ok, my sis and cousin shared in the loot because I already just recently bought mascara and lipsticks.


I love hubby. And since our first anniversary is some 13 days away, I sigh with gladness that the year of being together has more than fortified our love and friendship.

I'm wondering though how much we've remained TRUE to our vows.

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