Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Again, I have been utterly neglectful. And seeing as i'm sick right now, not really in the mood to write paragraphs upon paragraphs of stories.

Suffice it to say that Jojo and I got so busy around Christmas-time that we didn't have time or energy to shop for gifts. So we didn't give anyone any... though we did give our younger siblings money as well as our godchildren.


Attending weddings...

Spending time with family... and friends

Celebrating our first anniversary...

And generally getting exhausted with too much food and love :)


New Year also brought with it my wonderful husband's promotion :) And he's now on his way to China... so yeah, I miss him but am also darn proud of him...


Of course, there was Pyro's passing which has left us reeling from the impact of the loss...

And because of that, there wasn't any time to properly celebrate our first wedding anniversary... so we just hugged the night of December 28 and talked about things we learned of each other the past year.

That exercise is actually both easy and hard... because some of them are really surprising... but we tend to take all those things in stride so it's really hard identifying them at times. Baby and I agree that I am more makalat while he's more magastos. I was also surprised to having learned to adjust easily to sleeping with someone and his snoring... while hubs is surprised that I got too comfy, I seldom wore clothes at home. Ahehe.

We've also talked of plans and targets for this year... we agreed to save up a certain amount of money before going ravelling again (although we do have that Boracay thingie sometime this year).

Another low point, of course, is the fact that we're not infanticipating yet... it seems I do have PCOs and am now currently undergoing fertility treatments. It's expensive and emotionally trying...


We're still very much in love.

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