Friday, February 16, 2007


I have been making parinig to my Baby that I want need a romantic Valentines because i've been feeling low and well... we still haven't gotten to celebrating our first wedding anniversary...

Sure enough, he surprised me so well... I felt pain from the happiness. Lolz.

He made arte that somethng was wrong with our bed... that his side was hard and hurting his back... only to pull this heavy wrapped gift from under :) He bought me the hardbound copies of Harry Potter, books 1-6 because I only have the paperback copies of books 1-5 (and it's only P200 difference if he bought the 1-5 set instead of the 1-6 set)!!!

I was meaning to buy that set in May, when I get my mid-year bonus... but now I don't have to anymore.

He also bought me Mitch Albom's FOR ONE MORE DAY, something I thought was too expensive din so I was waiting for the paperback edition. Sigh.

Since I couldn't go out really due to mush needed bed rest, Jojo bought fine dining food (take-out) and fed me ribs and pasta and prawns here at home... w/ ice cream and cakes :D

But the best thing about Valentines was just really being in the arms of a man who loves and adores me, who worries over me, who's willing to serve me, provide for my needs, make life comfortable for me, delight me, be faithful to me...

I see it in his eyes everyday... his devotion, his love, his happiness.

I hear it from his lips everyday... I feel it in his kisses...

I just hope he knows how much I love him in return... how the highlight of my day remains just having him in my arms, my face nuzzling his neck, my body feeling his warmth... and talking about silly stuff and dreaming out loud about silly dreams with him :)

Love you, Baby :)

Am so glad we're still the King and Queen of Mushy. Mwehehe

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