Friday, March 16, 2007


Last year, I know of only 2 people who were pregnant... Jacque (who has already given birth last Feb) and Con (who is due May, I think).

Then I found out my cousin's wife is preggy too... Ate Beth is due July.

Then I got pregnant too. Then my SIL got preggy a week or two after I did. We're both due on October.

Then I found out that both the weddings we attended last December resulted in reproduction too. Well actually, one of them was preggy na pala, she didn't know it that time lang. Lite is due on August, and Janice is due September ata.

And in my hubs' barkada... there are 4 of us nga expecting babies this year (aside from me and Janice, there's also Sujee and Karla).

And there's also my good Berks pal, Tin.

It's babyville talaga. Andaming piglets! :D


Am praying for Lite and SIL though, kasi pareho maselan maglihi.

And myself, for being maselan magbuntis.

And Ate Beth, who's had an operation last January to have an ovarian cyst removed, who's at MaDocs right now because she experienced spotting yesterday (she called me to ask about it because it was her first time to experience that...). I really hope nothing's wrong with them both, and the most she's require is more bedrest.


Even in Newlywedsatwork, there are a lot of us due this October :)


Heaven bless these babies.


My sister dreamt I had a girl, and my SIL had a boy who looked exactly like Py...

I wouldn't mind a child who looked like Py (because he was so terribly cute) but i'd rather have a child with his temperament... and intelligence, of course.

But I know SIL and I are both praying that the congenital cancer that struck Py won't ever strike the babies we're carrying... I know that fear aggravates the pregnancy lows sometimes, for us both.

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