Friday, April 13, 2007


Title referring to my husband :)

I chided him several days ago about us still not reading to our baby yet. We haven't even done the classical music bit. But we do talk to Baby Sac, Jojo more than me (he pleads with Sac to let me eat or go about in peace, hehe).

Anyway, two or three nights ago, Baby Hubby heard me reading Little Mermaid aloud. The next night, as I was reading Tom Sawyer (not aloud), he decided it's his turn to read aloud for Baby Sac. I gave him my Andersen's Fairy Tales book (the more original version, we bought the book in Doulos some seven years ago) and asked him to choose a short story, since reading aloud can be hard after a while.

He chose "The Little Match Girl". As he was reading, he kept on making side comments about how pitiful the girl's plight was... and how he was growing sad. He actually said he didn't like reading it anymore, but I told him to finish the story for the baby. And then he came to the end... the little girl died. Jojo was close to tears and really felt sad. He was a little dumbfounded that fairy tales could be so sad. I was mean because I kept laughing at him, surprised that he didn't know the story of the little match girl.

But I found him cute too. He looked like a boy who got disillusioned. Of course, he now refuses to read any more fairy tales to our Baby. I told him to just print limericks and nursery rhymes if he'd be happier, but that he still has to help me find a book on Grimm's Faerie Tales (again, the dark, original versions).

And it turned out, my sister who is nine years my junior also isn't that familiar with the story of the little match girl.



edited to include a link to the story... i still can't believe others don't know the story! lolz... baka mas kilala pag sinabi kong "Ang Munting Tindera ng Posporo"?

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