Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Jen from N@W arranged a babywearing get-together at their home. It's a good thing I got to text her to ask about it because I kept failing to get e-mails from her. Ahehe.

Jojo and I left early because we're not familiar with the Greenhills area and thought we'd get lost... but we got to Jen's doorstep at 2:30 (the meeting was arranged for 3 PM). Anyway, we made chikahan muna while waiting for the others.

Only four Moms showed up... and heaven help me, I know they're all n@wies but I remember their babies' names better (Irene came with Theo, Julia arrived with preggy Mom and doting Dad, and one other n@wie whose named sounded like Aileen ata). Of course, jen's sons also entertained us (Paul, the eldest, kept interrupting his Mom's talk to insist that she present his coin collection instead).

Anyway, it was great fun to learn first-hand to use the sling. What's more, it helps build one's confidence to see it actually being done. Hubby was game enough to also learn (and we kidded Jen that they should have a separate line for big dads, because our sling loses its tail when Baby Jojo wears it) and the afternoon couldn't help but be peppered with stories and sharings about personal experiences.

Hopefully, there'd be another session (ok fine, I think this is just an excuse to gather with Moms) and more people can go...


Stayed at home for two days because of a weird stomachache since Sunday. OB said that my symptoms are still non-conclusive so the most we can do is observe... because it could be gastritis, confused/annoyed colon or gallstones, all of which are common during pregnancy.

Hubs insisted I rest until today... to give him some peace of mind. Plus, my spotting is back to every 3 days, instead of every 4 days. So my Dubadilan intake was also extended some more.

And now I find myself sniffling... hopefully this isn't going to develop into a rhinitis attack... or a cold. Otherwise, hubs would hover and fret like crazy na naman.


Took me ages, but i'd like to share the pics from the baby shower we held for Con's baby Joaquin (am not yet sure if she's already given birth na today, but she is in Medical City and in labor last I heard).

Oh and wonderful news, our Tinchie is also preggy... due in November naman :)


I told my hubby that I sometimes can't help but feel resentful... that I get to 'suffer' all the pregnancy woes and get to 'carry' all the pregnancy responsibilities. But that I also feel sad for him sometimes, because no matter how involved and supportive and loving he gets, this is a journey I can never fully share with him. He can only really cheer me on, but not play the game with me.

He, on the other hand, told me that it's actually harder for him. Precisely because it's my body playing host to our child, I know exactly what feels wrong or right and what should be done... whereas he can only guess and second-guess and hope he's doing right by us.

Oh, how I love the guy!

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