Tuesday, July 24, 2007

10 More Weeks (or so)

Even before I was pregnant, Baby Jojo already started kissing my tummy... around the time we started really hoping we'd get pregnant. Of course now he does it every night, even if he comes home late and am already sleeping. And everytime he sees my belly, he really can't help but kiss it, caress it and try feeling for Yakee's movements.

Hay. I really feel sad for other women who can't have the same luxury of a doting husband during a pregnancy. Because it really eases the discomforts away.

Anyway, because last week was very stressful for me (Saturday was Pyro's birthday, the first we'd celebrate without him), I was having weird dreams the whole week. Hubs bought me a DREAM book tuloy... not a paperback encyclopedia of dream meanings ha, but a heavy book that tackles its science, philosophy and different ways of interpretation.

Then, as I was lying low on funds (esply coming from a confinement), I lamented that I don't have Cocoa Body Butter anymore and that i'd have to wait for the next pay day. It costs P800 kasi, and I had to prioritize buying my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Plus, I was also buying the mocha cake we'd share with the kids at the cemetery.

But true to form, hubs bought me my cocoa butter :)

And yesterday, he reminded me that I can use our credit card if there's anything I wanted to buy (be it more maternity clothes or baby stuff, so long as I don't go lugging anything heavy).

And he also promised to buy me several caramel sundaes from McDo to keep in our fridge so that I need not pass by Rob Place anymore when I want one... and so that I can enjoy the sundae at home.


Our electric bill is the highest it's been ever since we lived together, because of the aircon... but since I am irritated by the heat after coming home, hubs also assures me that we have enough to pay the bill and just really get comfy. So, where before, the earliest we'd turn on the A/C is at 10:00 PM, now I guiltlessly turn it on as early as 7:30 PM :)

So yes, am terribly enjoying the many little things hubs does for me... to make me comfortable... so I guess I really have just ONE major push incentive, and that's a loving husband :)


We got our first hand-me-down na... Iya's bamboo walker (andador). Jojo isn't sure if we'll be using it though, or if we're going to use Py's old wooden walker instead since wood may be more stable than bamboo.

And it's weird looking at the walker... apart from not yet needing one for at least ten months, it's also the first baby furniture in the house.


I find myself remembering more and more all those times I, or Jojo, bottlefed Py when he was a baby... or rocked him to sleep. Py would be looking at my (or Jojo's) face and touching (pinching, tugging, caressing, pulling) it, while also swaying/kicking a foot back and forth.

Soon, it'd be Yakee in our arms.

I just hope he won't grow teeth as early as Py did (and as many, at a time) so as not to complicate breastfeeding him. :D


Yikes talaga... 10 weeks to go na lang before my va-j-j gets ripped apart. Gosh!

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