Tuesday, July 10, 2007

ThE LaST dAtEs

... till there's Yakee :)

This Thursday, Baby Jojo is treating me to an IMAX showing of the fifth Harry Potter movie. And he promised to still take me out on a date on the 14th (because i've been morose about the fact that since our first wedding anniversary, we haven't been able to celebrate any anniversary, monthsary and couple celebration properly).

And if i'm good, he just might take me to Baguio with him (I have to research pa pala all the hospitals from Manila to Baguio today, tsk!) this July.

Unfortunately for me, he's also putting his foot down and banning more future dates.

But there's that baby shower thing with the CWL girls in August. Hopefully, I can make that naman.

Now, i'm trying to finnagle a Divi date to buy baby things but he's against it. He's going with MIL instead... sniff, sniff. I didn't know I won't get to buy my baby's bibs and diapers. I'm still bargaining with him to go to that Bel-air shop and Greenhills shop, but what I really want is a Divi date!!! Because am not really excited about baby clothes per se... what I want are the infant stuff like those white shirts and mittens and bigkis that i've dreamt of buying ever since I was a child.

Oh... and I want to choose my baby's comforter set. Waaahhhh.

I kid him that i'd just really skip work one day and just go there... and just have him pick me up... and just cry when he gets there so he won't scold me... and just sleep when we get home so he'd feel all crushed at how tired I got. Nyahahaha. He threatens me with the cold shoulder treatment if ever I do that. I smile and tell him that it would be absolutely imppossible for him to ignore me. He pouts (lolz, we both do that a lot) and tells me I can't do that to him. And so I remind him that am pregnant and pregnant women do really crazy things they cannot be held liable for.

Kulit namin no? :D

But at least, we get as much of the landian/labing-labing fix we need before Yakee takes up all our energies.

We're down to our last three months or so before everything gets turned upside down. Actually, ever since finding out about Yakee, it has stopped being just the two of us. But come October, Yakee will be a more tangible reality... and our days as just husband and wife will have ceased because we'd also be Mommy and Papi. Dates and vacations will be tailored around him... conversations and labing-labings will become stolen moments especially in the first two years or so.

Buti na lang, i'm happy with the person i've been getting to know more of for the past months.


I better go shopping at MOA na before the movie. Kaso, i'm actually too tamad to shop... and my pelvic area hurts on and off na even this early.

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