Monday, August 13, 2007

Baby-Preoccupied Weekend

Poor Baby Jojo, who has to squeeze in his review for a particular certification with all the rest we have to do and prepare for Yakee's arrival.


Baby Shower
The w@wie friends I got to bond with the most held a baby shower for me. We've agreed that it's a tradition we'd try to do for everybody (since we couldn't really throw each other bridal showers before, because we got married around the same time, except for Con).

Anyway, it's soo great to see them again. I missed the christening/dedication of our guests of honor (Simone and Joaquin) so I didn't get to see their Moms for a long time... of course, we missed the others who couldn't be there (2 still recuperating from surgeries, 2 are abroad, and 2 are dealing with pregnancy blues and limitations). We had lunch at Krokodile Grill (is that spelled with an 'e'?) in Shang with our spouses. The conversation dwelled mostly on babies and gadgets and horror movies.

Jacque saved me from buying a baby book... Con made sure that Yakee will always smell fresh and clean... and Karla made sure Yakee will be kicking us in style :D

Rest of the pics are here

As you can see, Mommy Mec is singkit with glee in the pics, hehe.

Baby Check-up
My due date is now October 07, 2007 (that's my BIL's and a friend's birthday) but if I go into labor anytime after the 16th of September, my OB said she's not going to stop it anymore (but she also said most firstborns are delivered near the due date). OB was happy that I responded to Moriamin Forte and deduced that Yakee is not underweight anymore (I weigh around 152-154 lbs now), but she prescribed me some Calcium supplements because i've started having leg cramps already.

Hubs tried making our OB say that I should stop working na... he's really antsy about the thought of me travelling on my own :D

Baby Shopping
We have delayed shopping for our baby's needs till we knew his sex. Am now 8 months along and we're suddenly trying to cram the shopping into our weekends. We don't really plan to buy a lot of stuff, knowing that we'd be deluged by a lot of clothes and stuff when we have Yakee baptized... and also because we'd rather get an idea first of which things we'd really need (complete with specifications).

But we do need a chest/cabinet for baby's clothes. And Yakee cannot really go around just wearing diapers, now could he? So we went to Bel-Air yesterday, in that shop filled with export overruns. Hay, the little outfits are all so cute! I bought 4 small rompers and a newborn-sized one (my sis doubts Yakee will fit daw the newborn-sized one, bastus no?).

This whole lot cost us P1,445.00

After Bel-Air, we went to Babyland. Hubs checked out the strollers while I looked at feeding bottles. I was going to buy the Avent ones already but thought, in time, that the breast pump I intend to get might not be compatible with it. We ended up empty-handed and just went grocery shopping at Pure Gold :D

Later today... i'd check out SM. And then maybe i'd just have hubs go with MIL to Baclaran/Divi for the other stuff (like cloth diapers and hangers).

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