Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where the MAGIC happens

Because of the weird shape of our bedroom (kinda L-shaped), our queen-sized bed had to be tucked into this corner, without space for side tables and what-nots.

But this is where the magic happens.

The late night talks. The kulitans and landians and kilitians. Our rituals before sleeping (hubs insisting on sniffing my armpits, me insisting on sniffing his neck, him kissing my tummy twice and then kissing me once, me scratching his back, him meme-ing me to sleep).

The serious conversations. The tearful disclosures of fears and hang-ups (most of the tears come from my end).

This is where we build our dreams for our family, where we make plans as we cuddle in each other's arms.

This is where we worry about the families we left behind when we became man and wife...

This is where we read our favorite books, or watch videos (either from his media player, or his laptop).

Sometimes, we even bring our hobbies and work here...

This is where we fight.

This is where we make up.

This is where we make love.

This is where I find myself awakened with a kiss and breakfast in bed... in the weekend mornings when hubs has had enough sleep to wake up before I do and prepare breakfast. Esply now that am pregnant and he gets so concerned about Yakee going hungry.

This is where we battle with morning sleepiness every workday... and where hubs keeps begging for 5 more minutes of sleep.

This is where hubs finds me waiting for him... when he has to work late... or when he's out with friends and I had to stay home.

This is where we give each other massages.

This is the first and last place each day where we tell each other 'I love you'.

This is where the magic happens :)

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