Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moving Forward...

Both hubs and I grew up with particular fantasies of our future children enjoying their grandparents. Circumstances, however, don't seem to be on our side. Not only have my parents migrated abroad, we're also dealing with other family drama... enough to say that last weekend was hellish for both of us.

But we're continuing to move forward. Hubs and I went on to attend the Breastfeeding and Parenting seminars held at the Medical City last Saturday.

Then I gave him a copy of the movie SNEAKERS, an old movie involving computers and River Phoenix that he's never seen and always wanted to see, and watched it together.

Sunday found him buying a treadmill (for him, esply since we found out his cholesterol levels are above the normal range) and a new chest of drawers (for Yakee's things). And lots of DVDs (those pirated 8-in-1s). We watched Die Hard 1& 2 (I never saw any Die Hard movie before).

Monday found us braving the rains and traffic of Divisoria... and spent the whole day there shopping. We mostly ended up bingeing on food, and my sister bought more things than we did for Yakee (I only actually bought gauze cloth diapers and a rubber mat). It was exhausting but fun.

Always, at the back of our minds, we hurt and we worry over the possible implications for us of our parents' decisions and actions. It's really hard crossing the threshold of being somebody's child and becoming somebody's parent. Really puts a lot of things in perspective... always, we engage in honest dialogue. Always, we remind ourselves that our family now is the one we're building and preparing for. Always, we reiterate who we need to protect first. Always, we remind ourselves to stand by what we think is right and fair.


Last night, hubs spent the better part of an hour writing his first letter to our unborn son... and then spent his last waking moments feeling said unborn son having a field day in my belly.

Life is still bliss, the best is still yet to come... because in the end, we have all the love and family we need.

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