Monday, September 03, 2007

Scarred People are Beautiful...

...and the only reason for the title really is that washing the baby things we've been buying for Yakee over the weekend resulted in scarred/scabbed hands for myself.

Admittedly, I didn't grow up doing housework... I can rise to the occasion if necessary (like if i'm vacationing in Lipa, or during our stay in Marinduque) but household chores just isn't my thing.

And admittedly, I didn't have to do much scrubbing anyway since the baby things are new and all I was doing was washing the last traces of the factory from the fabric. I used Perla White Soap... but I ended up getting rashes, blister-like wounds and slight swelling of palms. Enough to make me unable to sleep for a night because my hands were just tingling.

And that was only the first batch of the whites ha!

My cousin then scolded me that I didn't have to use soap yet on the layette, and that I should have just washed them thoroughly in water... soaked them in Downy for some 5 minutes, then squeezed off the extra water and hung them to dry.

So that's what I did with the second batch of whites... which we hung to dry this morning.

I'll be washing the 3rd batch of whites (the Chino Pino diapers) after I get the additional cloth diapers Mom bought for Yakee in the U.S.

And i'll be washing the colored layette in two batches this coming weekend.

And i'm still torn about ironing all of them (oh, those things are sooo cute but they're darn too small!) :D But maybe I should, if only for the first time use? Nyahaha.

I am so mighty glad I won't be the one washing them on a daily basis... I just washed them the first time as a sort of ritual to prepare me some more for motherhood.

But anyway, my hands are still smarting... I can't even wear my wedding ring because it will hurt putting it on.

And I did take pictures (which i'll post after all the washing's done) so I can make Yakee feel guilty someday... bwahahaha.

The only beautiful thing to this endeavor is the gentle look in my hubs' eyes whenever he looks at me attending to Yakee's things. And yes, typically, he'd offer to help in hanging the clothes but not in the actual laundry process.


I've also sorted out my clothes and rearranged our drawers' contents to make room for Yakee's things.


Meanwhile... for those with Multiply accounts and looking for baby lullabies, this is a great download site. Since I love the Beatles, it will be Yakee's official background music at night, to condition him whenever he hears those songs that it's meme time already... for Mommy. :D

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