Friday, September 07, 2007

Digiscrapping Commercial

For lack of a topic... let me just share some of my more recent digiscrapped layouts. I have not improved at all as a digiscrapper... haven't mastered more of what Photoshop has to offer... but i've started tinkering with it again since I just know this blog will be deluged with pictures of Yakee after he comes out.

I mean... we don't have two digicams for nothing :D

As usual... I don't really monitor which kits/particular elements I used... but I really thank those who are generous to give away freebies :) I used a lot of Scrapbookflair and Gottapixel elements in these layouts :)


Hubs and I are more than fine... this pregnancy has really brought us closer together. And i guess because I realized how invaluable the comfort and support he gives, i'm also kinder to him (kasi he noticed that I don't pick fights with him much).

I believe Yakee is also more than fine... he's kinda hurting me again with his signature twists and turns inside me... he's also started his descent (basing from the shape of my tummy).

I wish other things were going fine... it's really hard to be embroiled in family dramas in the midst of a supposedly great time in our lives... but we're dealing with them as a team.


I just wish I have more money to shop with, hehe.

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