Sunday, September 16, 2007

Uh-oh, Possible Problems?

I never thought the book What To Expect When You're Expecting would fail me somehow... for not tackling, however briefly, polyhydramnios. So it was a shock yesterday, lying at the doctor's table, to find out that a high level of amniotic fluid IS a bad sign.

I have watched my weight gain, my BP, my sugar levels (though I will admit that after hitting my 8th month, i've given myself free rein with cake and ice cream... I don't eat them all day, but I eat some most days of the week) and having been in and out of the hospital before (and having all those lab tests) gave me a certain level of confidence that I don't have gestational diabetes.

Polyhydramnios is usually a sign of gestational diabetes... or some congenital defect in the baby. Anyway, my OB has advised me to limit my sugar/carbs intake (esply since Yakee felt and looked big already at only 37 weeks) as well as to have another OGTT (100 gms) done... and then i'd have a biophysical profile performed next Saturday.

Since the congenital anomaly scan performed on Yakee last July showed no problems, and that Yakee is very active inside... I am almost sure that he/we will pass these two other tests with flying colors.

But of course i'm worried. It's a bad way to realize yet again how important it is to have a husband's arms holding you... but it really gave me a lot of comfort that I could cry on Jojo's shoulders.

Call it pregnancy blues (esply since every part of me aches right now) and birthday blues combined... but I do still feel down and worried and anxious.

But love has always found a way... has it not?

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