Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Fantastic CS Experience (birthing kwento)

October 06
Still no Yakee. Hubs and I felt energized enough to get up early though (around 9 AM) and we decided we'd have lunch at Aling Tonya's over at Seaside. We left the house with my cousin and sister at 11:30.

We had guinataang alimango with sitaw at kalabasa, sinigang na hipon, shrimp tempura and crispy kangkong. I finished eating at around 2 PM. Sis and cousin went to Divi while hubs and I went to Rob Place to kill time before going to the OB. We agreed to meet later for grocery-shopping.

At Rob, I walked around and around and around. We were hoping I was already dilated and the walking will induce labor. Then we went to the clinic. We were among the last in our OB's list of patients that day so we had to kill more time, which we did by hanging out at Wendy's and eating some shrimp sandwich and enjoying their iced tea lite. We finally got to see our OB at around 6:30 PM.

My cervix is `closed as a canned good and the baby isn't in position yet. The amniotic level remained high per results of the biophysical profile. The doctor said inducing when my cervix is still closed will just result in a CS. We can wait till Oct. 11 but she said that's the longest she'd wait because the risks for complications will be double by then. But at least she was willing to wait for me to naturally go into labor, ripen, etc.

But we weren't. Hubs and I looked at each other and without needing to say much to each other agreed that we don't want to take any more chances, since there are no guarantees that my cervix will cooperate, and i'm already overdue and Yakee continues to grow. I also didn't want Yakee passing meconium inside because he'd require NICU care then which would interfere with my intention to breastfeed and room-in.

So we brought the subject of getting a CS asap. Doc made the necessary phone calls and managed to get a 9:00 AM appointment for me at Asian (because Madocs charges 40% surcharge for emergency surgeries, and the O.R. is already completely booked till Monday) the next day.

Then I saw panic starting to rise in my husband's eyes. I'm sure the same could be seen in my eyes but he was just more panicky. After leaving the clinic at past 7 PM, we proceeded back to Rob to meet my sis and cousin and grocery shop for the house (and hubby's baon... and am telling you, he filled the carts with all the comfort food he likes). Hubs started texting friends and relatives (told you, he's more panicked!) while at the grocery.

We got home at around 9 PM already... I ate dinner first and we packed our stuff and took baths. At past 10:30 PM, we were on our way to Asian already. I started texting friends and family for prayers during the ride to the hospital.

October 07
We were admitted at 12 midnight. My room was a very comfortable one but I couldn't sleep. I was told that I could eat and drink till 3 AM only so I decided to eat some crackers at 2:30, scared i'd climb walls from hunger after the surgery. But I really couldn't sleep. I was actually shaking from the anxiety... it being my first ever surgery. Hubs settled into a fitful sleep on the pullout bed beside my bed... and didn't even wake when nurses came at 6:00 AM to put the IV drip on me.

8:00 AM, I was wheeled down to the 3rd floor where the Genesis area is. Hubs will be called to come down once am inside the Operating Room already. I was interviewed, asked to sign papers, etc. I was also shaved a little by a nurse for my bikini cut.

9:00 AM, I was wheeled into the OR. The doctors commented on my lipstick and I told them that it's what's vogue now for mommies to do: wear make-up for the picture-taking after the delivery. Hehe. I dozed off as they talked about Pacquiao's fight and his rumored dalliance with Ara Mina. I was awakened to be informed that hubs is already inside the OR and they were about to pull Yakee out.

Because of the drugs, there was no pain at all... but I sort of felt the tugging/yanking motion around my belly. And then, crying. It was only after hearing the crying that I realized I was holding my breath. And then my own tears started to flow. I saw my husband's tear-filled eyes too, and then Yakee was being introduced to me.

I gave him a kiss, hubs gave me a kiss. And someone offered to take our first family picture. Then they undid my gown so Yakee could latch (he wouldn't) and then he was carted off to be cleaned. Hubs was with him while he was being cleaned... I was sure I was kissed again by my husband and told that I was loved before I dozed off again.

It was only later that i'd learn that a nurse almost dropped our child because there was a stool that caused her to lose balance... good thing hubs was following them and he was able to prevent the accident.

11:00 AM, I woke up back in the labor room... much to hubby's surprise. He was actually checking me from time to time, as he was spending most of his time at the Huggery, watching our son.

12:00 NN, I was wheeled back to my room... which was empty. Turned out hubs' family arrived and they were all at the Huggery. Anyway, twas hubs' youngest sibling's birthday too so they brought cake and food.

I was drowsy but not nauseous all afternoon. I couldn't sleep however because I was anxious to breastfeed (they brought Yakee in at around 2 PM) and Iya was being very cute.

Suffice it to say that Yakee's delivery was very anti-climactic :) He was roomed-in that night after being given his Hepa vaccine, at around 9 PM. I was also able to sit up and breastfeed (thanks to hospital beds).

A Huggery nurse was kind enough to teach Jojo how to change diapers and swaddle. Despite me not having liquid milk yet, I immediately knew that I was feeding Yakee something because he passed meconium twice that night (actually yung first nappy change, feeling namin na-overlook sa Huggery and matagal na yun, and we only thought to check nung mga 1 AM... pero yung ube-jam-like poop, Yakee passed at 3 AM).

That was our first parental disappointment, that we didn't think to check his nappies way before. Cute no?


The best is yet to come. After all the hurdles we crossed during this pregnancy, all the scares and confinements and bad possibilities, we were blessed with a healthy child.

He has my eyes... and the shape of my face. But his mouth is his father's... and as time goes by, he resembles Jojo more and more (esply when he frowns).


It was perfect timing... he has already started to move his bowels when he was born. So, though the CS birth was more expensive, we were spared NICU charges naman. :)


My IV drip was removed the next day (Monday), which allowed me to really hold Yakee. Yakee also mastered the art of latching that day... and started feeding hour-long on each breast (goodness!). His pedia laughingly comments that everytime she visits, he is feeding from my breast.

I managed to walk Tuesday and took a shower. I was discharged Wednesday, and we passed by hubs' office first so he can drop off something, where his colleagues gushed over our son.


Of course, he has many pictures given that we're the parents. But it's my sister really who takes a pic of him almost every day using her cam phone. Hubs and I have resigned ourselves to the fact, too, that Yakee isn't photogenic. The camera doesn't quite capture his cuteness eh.


Tears welled up again in my husband's eyes when we were about to eat the pre-discharge dinner that Asian prepares for the parents the night before they get discharged. And then Yakee cries from my bed and we had to eat with hubs cradling Yakee in his arms while I cut up his meat (a first for us as a couple, because twas Jojo who always cut my meat for me).

Everything has changed. We are now parents. The world will never be the same again for us.


And as the world remembers their dead, I post this and celebrate the miracle of life.

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