Monday, December 17, 2007

Cash Advance

Most credit card companies offer a cash advance feature. For the pessimist, it is their means to entice you more to go deeper in debt. For the optimist, it is a service that provides a certain amount of security for desperate times. Either way you look at it, such service is here to stay so might as well make it your friend and let it work for you.

Wise people would utilize all possible means, like the internet, to scour it for sites, banks, companies offering cash advance and payday loans with the best rates. They would know that there is nothing wrong about getting some help when you really need it. The internet already allows secure transactions so money can be transferred into personal accounts safely, especially during emergencies.

For people with families, like us, knowledge of such deals is always important because one just cannot be totally prepared for all kinds of crises.

Of course, one must also read the fine print too before engaging in such transactions... I remember a friend before who was charged for her cash advance. She was rather dismayed because the charge was P300 and she only withdrew P200 (as in just enough for travel fare till payday).

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