Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Be Yourself Tag

I am so bad with tags esply these days that time for myself is stolen, at best... but since Yakee allows me to continue tinkering with the pc while he sleeps in my arms sometimes, I guess I can also say there's hope for me yet :)

I was tagged by trinity :)

1. Whats one thing thats heavily weighing on your mind?
~ the dialogue with hubs that we have yet to have about our plans for next year (and maybe the next five years)

2. what's one thing you've learned from a good friendship gone bad?
~ true friends, when they can't be at your side, will find ways to still make you feel that they were there

3. whats one thing you've learned lately from love?
~ love is a choice you make every day

4. is there anyone special in your life at the moment?
~ two actually :p

5. whats a happy time you've had in the past week/s?
~ everytime i get to sleep and Yakee smiles is a happy time

6. how far would you go for love?
~ honestly, I have no idea... but am almost positive i'd kill and be willing to get killed for a loved one, if it ever comes to that

7. is there anything in your past that you'd like to do/try again?
~ jump off a bridge into water!

8. whats your favorite kind of weather?
~ bedweather without the rain :P

9. why is this?
~ to enjoy the bed more!

10 . who do you like to spend your nights with?
~ my boys or my books

11. are you an emotional person?
~ very... unfortunately :)

12. can you cry in front of others easily?
~ yes... unfortunately

13. whats something that can always make you feel better?
~ food :D and meme :)

14. what does love make you feel like?
~ empowered

15. and losing love?
~ if love comes to you for a reason, a season or a lifetime, then can you really lose it?

16. are you self conscious?
~ depends on the situation

17. do you think of others before yourself?
~ depends on my frame of mind... and how much sleep i got... or whether am hungry or not :) sensya, tao lang...

18. where do you see yourself some time next year?
~ still with my husband

19. do you tend to make relationships complicated?
~ well, i tended to, before

20. do you think you'd be able to survive a whole year in jail?
~ sure, why not?

21. who do you feel the most comfortable to go around (with)?
~ hubs!

22. is there something that you're waiting for? someone perhaps?
~ the dialogue :) I just want to have something concrete to hope for, work on and help with

23. one thing you're looking forward to..
~ the many opportunities I can enjoy as a SAHM

24. how do you feel about change?
~ scared, resentful, challenged, excited, enticed

25. any plans this summer?
~ a Baguio trip sana, at least

26. what are your plans for your next birthday?
~ sigh. Have Yakee's birthday planned well?

27. do you think someone out there is in love with you?
~ I can name at least three :p

28. how do you feel right this second?
~ pitiful, because I couldn't sleep last night

29. one word that describes you at this point of your life?
~ promising

30. what do you think about this survey?
~ a nice one for those requiring some sort of reality check, and smething to be thankful for

As a Christmas gift to friends, however, I am not tagging anyone... but feel free to pick up the tag if you want and have time :)

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