Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Going home last night from my in-laws for Py's death anniversary, my cousin regaled our group with stories about my nephew Pau. It seems that he felt so bad last Christmas because people were giving his elder sister more money than him. In fairness to my niece, her birthday is coming up (Jan. 3) and she could be charming in reminding people about it. My nephew, on the other hand, refuses to leave his mother's side and doesn't respond well to other people.

Suffice it to say, his sister might have gotten more than her share of confidence and charm.

So, anyway... people gave more aguinaldo to my niece. And when hubs and I arrived back home, we also had gifts for Duday (Barbie Ktchen set and pencil case). Duday is my goddaughter and hubs' brother actually bought so many gifts that were on sale in Subic, mostly gifts for girls, so we decided to buy some gifts from BIL (remember, we didn't plan on buying gifts for anyone? but also remember that these are relatives that are kinda economically-challenged?).

Hubs got off the cab (we left Maxime behind to avoid coding hassles) earlier to look for gifts for Pau. He bought two, a pirate ship and a motorcycle. Pau was ever so happy.


Since Christmas, hubs and I have been sleeping in different beds. Why? Because my other niece Ela is staying with us too. We could make her sleep on the other bed but we felt that she might feel bad about being away from home and having to sleep away from me (supposedly her doting aunt).


Hubs forked over some more money to send all the kids staying with us to Star City tonight... while he's going to be home late due to work.


Maybe next year, we can properly celebrate our anniversary.

And maybe it's really pointless for me to want my husband to give me a bouquet of flowers just like the one I held on our wedding every anniversary.

Still, the stories above are a testament to just how generous and loving my husband is... giving me more reasons why I was right to choose him to be my partner.

I love you so much Baby, happy anniversary.

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