Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bedding for the Nieces

Last December 28, we had Duday (age 9) sleep with us in our bedroom to accompany Ela (age 11). We had them sleep on the floor with a foldable mattress and comforter to warm them while hubs slept with Yakee and me on the bed. It was an anniversary treat for hubs and me, to be able to sleep together again after days of sleeping apart. It was also a treat for the girls, who have bonded so well in the past few days but had to sleep in separate houses at night..

When asked, both would love to come visit us again in the summer and during the Holidays. Suffice it to say that this might become a tradition, having the girls over when they are on school break.

So now i'm wondering if we should get them their own bedding, maybe like this Pirate Bedding for a feel of romantic adventures to make their visits more memorable. They are, after all, special girls who we have watched grow up so making sure their visits are happy times would only be natural for us. Surely, having their own unique bedding would tickle them pink and facilitate more bonding moments by our feet.

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