Thursday, January 31, 2008

5 Things I Want My Kids To Know Before They Grow Up

I was tagged by Abie and Nice :)

1) It takes courage... to live, to love, to laugh. It takes courage to be yourself, to self-realize, to reach for the stars.

2) Love is a choice... which a person makes everyday.

3) Love comes in different forms, in different ways... not in different amounts.

4) There is always a higher power governing us all, which is why we should always respect each other and treat each other fairly.

5) I want my kids to know how it is to be a child, to be innocent and carefree and be allowed to make mistakes, believe in the impossible and the magical and the fantastic... and to be allowed to take equal delight in my arms, or a wriggling worm, or a cone of ice cream.

I am passing this tag on to Mai (again, para isahan na lang sis), Con, Jacque, Tin H and Mari Rose

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