Thursday, January 31, 2008

Domain Registration

My fellow N@Wies who are into pro-blogging are all doing it, getting their own domains and starting new blogs.

Domain registration is very easy nowadays, with many sites helping even those who are non-techie to easily learn the ropes of having one and maintaining one.

When choosing a domain name, one must consider several things, like a target audience (country), what type of site it will be (or what company), if you'd need more than one domain name, etc. is one site where you can go get register for your own domain, offering 24/7 support, free e-mail hosting and other perks like renewal reminders and domain name parking for free with every domain registration. It even offers domain transfers and renewals.

The site is easily navigable with enough links in the front page for the new user in case he has more questions or issues needed to be verified.

And what do you know, my friends are all grabbing the opportunity of taking their blog lives a step further.

Maybe I should too.

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