Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Conserving Water

One of the better things about living in the Philippines is a really abundant water supply. We're actually one of the few nations left where there are still places where you can drink the water straight off the tap... or the creek.

Unfortunately though, it is this abundance that has resulted in a wasteful attitude towards water. I don't even want to go ranting at just how wasteful we are about it.

In our province of Lipa, it is not uncommon to find homes with rainwater tanks which households use to gather rains for washing clothes. Before summer ends, the bigger of the boys are usually sent to clean these rain water tanks in preparation for the rainy season. Isn't that a neat idea? That way, you can even rinse your washing to your heart's content.

It's high time the Philippine government starts investing in water saving solutions, like investing on grey water systems, like what Australia and Japan have already done. The water we enjoy today won't always be there. Already, authorities already forewarn the people that there may not be enough water for the greater Manila area. Typhoons, while wreaking havoc in other places, have saved us time and time again but that may not always be the case.

Wouldn't it be nice if creeks and rivers and lakes can be preserved for our kids to enjoy because we're able to save and reuse water?

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