Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Three's a Cloud

Well... it felt like a blur to me, at least :)

Yakee turned three months yesterday. And as a treat, we were able to force my sister to cook pancit for him... which she did. It verged on disastrous many times but the pancit turned out tasty.

I was also a very pasaway Mom because I dreamt of cakes last Sunday so hubs bought Yakee's cake a day early just so I ca finally satisfy my craving for mocha cake. Hehe.

I've found myself getting sad a lot of times these days because of Yakee. He's just really growing up so fast, it sometimes feels like he's never been an infant. Yesterday, as proof that he's a growing boy, he responded to play with delighted giggles instead of just smiles. You know, that kind of play where you pretend to be surprising/frightening the baby (think of that tiger in Ice Age)?

And it feels like he's going to be teething soon.

And he screams with delight now... so loud that I sometimes even mistake it for cries of pain.

Sniff, he's growing so fast. Waaah.

And I think he's undergoing another growth spurt because his sleep cycles have changed yet again... and insists on playing between 12 midnight to two in the morning.

And of course, we love him so.

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