Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Earning through Smorty

Friends left and right are getting on the pro-blogging bandwagon. And friends left and right are buying DSLRs and other gadgets, going on trips to Boracay or Hongkong, or throwing their husbands or kids fabulous and semi-lavish birthday parties. Or, they are able to afford more and more digiscrapping kits or baby items on sale at Target.

How are they doing it?

It was only recently that I realized that they get paid to blog. Yup. They are earning from blogging, whether through sponsored posts or reviews or ads strategically placed in their websites. Smorty is one of those providing services to advertisers by connecting them with bloggers who can write about their products. You might want to check them out, their site is pretty navigable enough. Most common questions are already answered in their FAQs page.

Earnings grow over time, as you get more opportunities and always depending on many factors, like your blog traffic. But they're earnings you can depend on, at a specified time. Smorty won't scam you like other sites I wouldn't even mention (like the one I get suckered into yesterday).

And if you're wise with your earnings, you can buy your Asus EEE in no time.

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